shamanic hen wig

by sage musick

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Washing Machine Music. (It's like fridge buzz music, but not.)

43 minute long live vocal improvisation with washing machine (Indesit WIB101) and loop program (Sooper Looper).

Under the influence of: magick, "urban shamanism" - despite how pretentious that sounds - taking animism seriously, "industrial music for industrial people", found (sound) objects, free improvisation, musick...

Recorded as part of (and also appearing on) the 'Daily Sketches' album. Felt it deserved it's own little box.


released December 22, 2013




sage musick Perth, Australia

"Experimental Vocalist" interested in / influenced by: Tuvan and Mongolian overtone singing (throat singing, khoomii, khoomei), Inuit throat singing, shamanism, trance, drone, industrial music, chaos magick, free improvisation, sound poetry... Queer, Dada, Discordian, Chaosophist ... more

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